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If Herschel Loses Tonight, He’s Trump’s Guy. If He Wins, Kemp Did It.


This is a direct manip­u­la­tion on what the vot­ers are think­ing. We know that a judge gave an extra day to the democ­rats. Elec­tions are not stolen on elec­tion night. They are stolen over a peri­od of time by the manip­u­la­tion of vot­ers. Warnock is the picked can­di­date by the media. 

The media has turned Bri­an Kemp into the ulti­mate Trump slay­er. Accord­ing to the media the king of Tra­di­tion­al Repub­li­cans is Bri­an Kemp. 

Tonight if Her­schel los­es tonight, he’s Trump’s guy. If he wins, Kemp did it. 

Warnock Souls to the Polls, got one hell of a head start. The net­works were glee­ful and excit­ed that it is rain­ing tonight. 

The Supreme Court is work­ing on a case for Free­dom of Speech. Free­dom of Speech is under attack under so many lev­els. The media is hid­ing behind what they need to con­tin­ue to manip­u­late the people. 

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