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Cost to Individuals Suicide – ½ of addicted gamblers contemplate suicide, 1/5 attempt suicide Addiction – Gambling operations get most of their profit from addicted gamblers. 1/25 casino gamblers, 1/5 sports gamblers become problem gamblers. Children & youth are more vulnerable to gambling addiction. This...
Submitted by George McClellan I’ve said often enough that whatever nefarious crimes Democrats accuse Republicans of doing is precisely what the democrats are doing themselves. But Democrats try to exculpate themselves from those very crimes using not so clever rhetoric. For example, we see Biden’s...
Submitted by George McClellan I had thought about following up on the mini-crisis in the GOPs House leadership controversy, wondering what concessions the Freedom Caucus squeezed out of the new Speaker, how it would it affect the appropriation (spending) of tax payers funds (that’s what...
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