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BKP talks about the Big Deal, Joe has COVID, 99 days until election and more


Trad­er Joe — a big deal. He went on all the morn­ing shows. Biden has a relapse of Covid. His sched­ule was set up to be in Michi­gan today. This comes on the heels of the endorse­ment of Tudor Dixon. Tudor is dou­ble dig­its up in the polls. Tudor is the fron­trun­ner in the repub­li­cans. She is most like­ly the one to go up against Gretchen Whitmer. 

Biden got covid about the time when the pres­i­dent would be on the trail in AZ and MI. he hasn’t had any appear­ances in any campaigns. 

We are 99 days from elec­tion day. August 1 and leav­ing for work. Be Care­ful school bus­es are out pick­ing up kids so allow your­self extra time peo­ple are back from vaca­tion and now there will be a mad dash to the fin­ish line. Usu­al­ly labor day kicks off elec­tion cam­paigns. But now that we have an elec­tion sea­son it has been pushed earlier. 

We are not giv­ing a lot of strength to the polls. You have to look at the poll and see how the lib­er­tar­i­an can­di­date is pulling. BKP has nev­er seen the lib­er­tar­i­an pull such high polls in the past. There are a num­ber of repub­li­cans that will not vote for Raf­fensperg­er and Kemp. Abrams knows that pain is in rur­al north geor­gia. Will she take advan­tage of that? 

Burt Jones looks to have a com­mand­ing lead over Char­lie Bai­ley. Again a repub­li­can not break­ing the 50% mark. The only Trump endorsed can­di­date not count­ing Her­schel Walker. 

The polls are giv­ing the Kemp cam­paign a lit­tle bit of heart­burn. You have to look at the lib­er­tar­i­an can­di­date. Kemp hasn’t pulled more than 49% in a sin­gle pole in the last week. 

Warnock and Walk­er. The warnock hasn’t bro­ken 50% in the past week. 

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