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Corrupt Media putting Trump on the ballot in 22 and keeping him off the ballot in 24.


Going the full cir­cle in 2 hours. Pay atten­tion. They were so excit­ed dur­ing every one of the Sun­day morn­ing shows. This is about putting Trump on the bal­lot for 2022. They will turn the ship from Joe hav­ing some very good weeks. Change the nar­ra­tive and put Trump on the bal­lot in Novem­ber. They con­sid­er the raid in Mar-a-Lago as a win-win. They are try­ing to paint the pic­tures. They don’t want Dr. Oz to talk about the infla­tion and the hurt and pain the fam­i­lies are going through on a day to day basis and how we must free our­selves from the tyran­ny of the admin­is­tra­tion. Every time they get the mes­sage out they want to beat it back with Trump. And push the Trump Chaos. 

Yes­ter­day trends on Truth social #fbi cor­rup­tion, #defundtheF­BI. Blue Lives Mat­ter is not the FBI. We do not see the FBI as law enforce­ment, we see them as KGB agents not law enforce­ment. All the morn­ing pro­grams say­ing for the par­ty that got all upset about defund the police are now going after the FBI. 

What do they not want you to see? We have seen the war­rant and we have seen the gen­er­al list of what they have. We have not seen the affi­davit. And the media is cry­ing about the nuclear codes. 

Maybe they don’t want us to talk about Joe Biden cre­at­ing the great­est human­i­tar­i­an cri­sis. It has been 1 years since the dis­as­trous exit of Afghanistan. Al Qae­da has not recon­sti­tut­ed its pres­ence in Afghanistan. The ter­ror­ist was sup­pos­ed­ly on the deck. We have not seen any DNA of Zawahiri, the leader of Al Qae­da, and we aren’t wait­ing on the Tal­iban to ver­i­fy the killing. The week before was the 1 year of the evac­u­a­tion of Afghanistan. Biden pulled out and we can’t even con­firm that this guy is dead. These peo­ple are say­ing we vio­lat­ed their space and they are a sov­er­eign nation. This should be on the news cycles but nothing. 

Friday’s his­toric pas­sage of the 87K IRS agents and noth­ing on the Sun­day shows. Won­der if that is hid­ing under the smoke screen of Mar-a-Lago. 

We ran to put the rib­bons on when Rus­sia invad­ed Ukraine. The UN is call­ing this the worst human­i­tar­i­an cri­sis in the world where 90% of peo­ple don’t have food. Woman going to secret schools. Woman forced to cov­er up. Why is the media cov­er­ing this up for Joe Biden? This is Joe Biden’s dis­as­ter. The media manip­u­lat­ed the minds of Amer­i­cans and made them wear rib­bons and change their Face­book pic­tures. And Noth­ing on the Afghan women and chil­dren. Now they are lying when they said they got Zawahiri on the deck. 

Maybe they don’t want to dis­cuss Fet­ter­man. He makes his first appear­ance since his stroke dur­ing the May pri­ma­ry. Dur­ing his first out­ing in PA since the stroke, he is hav­ing dif­fi­cul­ty speak­ing. He can’t give a deep speech, only speak­ing a few words. He wants to go far left fur­ther than Bernie Sanders. 

Trump is sus­pect­ed of vio­lat­ing the espi­onage act. Peo­ple don’t know what espi­onage acts, it just sounds real­ly bad. 

Maybe the deep state doesn’t know what you know about the deep state behind Mer­rick Gar­land. Mark Levin is on fire Sun­day night. Levin expos­es the ones behind Gar­land. The Great One, Levin, worked for the AG under Rea­gan. Levin knows how the AG office works. 

Maybe they want to keep the Joe Biden pic­tures hid­den on the Hunter Biden lap­top. The pic­tures start sur­fac­ing and all of a sud­den Hunter is on the plane with Joe. 

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