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You Don’t Make A Deal With The Devil.. You Stop Him At All Costs

  • MTG, stay loy­al to the 14th district. 
  • Nan­cy Mace: repub­li­cans got out­smart­ed by a pres­i­dent that can’t find his pants. Repub­li­cans got out­smart­ed again. 
  • Clyde among GOP hard-lin­ers ready to vote against the debt lim­it deal. 
  • You do not make a deal with a man that took a show­er with his daugh­ter. You do every­thing you can to stop this admin­is­tra­tion in its tracks. You want to tell me how pro­fes­sion­al and how smart this man is for the most cor­rupt pres­i­dent in his­to­ry. McCarthy likes to soft talk, say­ing that we didn’t get every­thing we want­ed. We need a speak­er that will do what it takes to stop this administration. 
  • FBI has ONE DAY to turn over the doc­u­ment link­ing Joe Biden to an alleged $5 Mil­lion bribery scheme with a for­eign nation­al or else face con­tempt of Con­gress pro­ceed­ings, INves­ti­gat­ing repub­li­cans to have a call with FBI direc­tor this week. FBI direc­tor Wray has until May 30 to turn over the FD-1023 form to the com­mit­tee or con­tempt of Con­gress charges will be ini­ti­at­ed against him. 
  • MTG you know that the Biden fam­i­ly is cor­rupt. Yet we are inch­ing towards our wins? Is that a McCarthy talk­ing point? 
  • Demo­c­rat wins: deal reached, no work require­ment for med­ic­aid, sus­pend debt lim­it until 2025, main­tain climate/clean ener­gy ini­tia­tives (such as ESG). Com­pa­nies are scored based on their Envi­ron­ment, Social and Gov­er­nance agen­das. If you are unfa­mil­iar, research it. ESG scores are chang­ing the way of invest­ing. $30 tril­lion is invest­ed in ESG. 
  • How your 401K sav­ings are being used to turn our biggest brands woke- as revealed by an ex-Anheuser-Busch exec who shows how you can fight back at the cash registers. 
  • Noth­ing has been stopped for democrats. 
  • The repub­li­can wins are just smoke and mir­ror: non-defense spend­ing capped, work require­ments expand­ed for food stamps, claw back $30 bil­lion in COVID funds (will tril­lions and tril­lions were spent), restart stu­dent loan pay­ments, cut IRS fund­ing. Smoke and mirrors
  • White House, GOP Lead­ers scram­ble for votes to pass com­pro­mise. What is in the debt ceil­ing agree­ment: Rais­es debt ceil­ing for 2 years, all else is noth­ing… 1% cap on non-defense spend­ing increas­es for 2025 fis­cal year, claw back unspent COVID funds, expand work require­ments for cer­tain adults on food stamps, rescinds some new fund­ing to the IRS from the Infla­tion REduc­tion Act, new rules to make it eas­i­er to gain per­mit approval for ener­gy projects. 
  • It has to come out of the rules committee. 
  • McConnell calls for “swift pas­sage” of the debt lim­it com­pro­mise bill with­out unnec­es­sary delay. You know what kind of deal you have when McConnell is call­ing for Swift Passage. 
  • Rand Paul: Fake con­ser­v­a­tives agree to fake spend­ing cuts. Deal will increase manda­to­ry spend­ing ~5%, increase mil­i­tary spend­ing ~3%, and main­tain cur­rent non-mil­i­tary dis­cre­tionary spend­ing at post-COVID lev­els. No real cuts to see here. Con­ser­v­a­tives have been sold out once again!
  • Tim Fit­ton: Break­ing: A few days after an IRS whistle­blow­er fur­ther con­firms cor­rup­tion at the IRS to pro­tect Joe and Hunter Biden, Speak­er McCarthy nego­ti­ates a deal with Joe Biden to pre­serve 70 or the $80 bil­lion in new fund­ing for the IRS.
  • Mol­lie Hem­ing­way: Cor­po­rate Amer­i­ca has launched a reli­gious war. It’s time to choose your side. In this war there are only two sides: the Tao and the Machine, God or Satan. You have to choose, but choose wisely. 

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